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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions: If you don’t see the answer your looking for stop in or give us a call.

Q: What do I need to do in the buying and selling process?

A: Stop in or Call the professionals at Northwest Realty & we will do the rest.

Q: Do I need to call the company who’s sign is in the yard?

A: No you do not. We  can show any property for sale.

Q: Why choose Northwest Realty?

A: We have been serving the area for over 25 years with over 65 years of combined real estate experience and various diverse backgrounds. We are locally owned and operated, this means your money stays local. We do all the work right here. We are professionals and our client’s come first.

Q: Why not sell on my own

A: There are many reasons not to sell on your own. Using a Realtor is your best option for many reasons! We have had many private buyers and sellers over the years that have come to us after the fact because issues arise after closing.  Usually it’s too late for us to help!


Q: How do I know the value of my property?

A: We provide free Comparative market analysis “CMA” for potential listings which will give you an idea on what your property is worth in today’s market.


Q: What should I do to get ready to buy or sell?

A: Call the Professionals here at Northwest Realty

A: Click on the links below for our buyers tips or Sellers tips to find this answer



If you are unsure, it doesn’t cost you a penny to stop in and talk to us, we will be very honest and help you understand everything.

Call the professionals here at Northwest Realty, because this is what we do every day. We look forward to hearing from you!            Office # (712) 225-6447